Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien
COVID-19 Update
Impacts on the Garment Supply Chain
Guidelines for responsible purchasing practices in times of COVID-19

The global COVID 19 outbreak is taking on a scale that poses unprecedented challenges to brand and retail companies and far exceeds the scope of any single company. Nonetheless, the commitment of all Partnership members to respect human rights and pursue the Partnership's goals throughout the supply chain remains valid. The members of the Textile Partnership are working, both individually and together with other stakeholders, to mitigate the negative impacts of the COVID 19 outbreak on suppliers and workers in the garment supply chain and to secure stable business relationships for the future. The actions of the Partnership members are characterised by a cooperative approach and the understanding of a shared responsibility among all actors in the supply chain. 

In order to mitigate short-term negative effects, Partnership members have developed guidelines containing recommendations for handling orders as well as health risks and the danger of infection in production facilities. These guidelines will be further developed to cover actions beyond the immediate time frame of the crisis situation.

Information on specific incidents or shortcomings in the supply chain can be addressed to mail@textilbuendnis.com. More information about grievances can be found here.

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