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CCI promotes U.S. cotton fiber and manufactured cotton products around the globe. CCI’s reach extends to more than 50 countries through 20 offices around the world. Directly, through CCI’s industry partnerships and collaboration with affiliated organizations of the National Cotton Council of America, the American Cotton Producers, Cotton Incorporated and the Cotton Foundation and through non affiliated organizations such as the International Cotton Advisory Committee, the International Textile Manufacturers Federation, and the International Cotton Association, CCI influences, leads, educates, researches and promotes issues related to cotton and textiles, including sustainability of fiber and the supply chain.

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CCI and its affiliate organizations including the National Cotton Council (comprised of U.S. spinners, merchants, cooperatives, warehousers, cottonseed dealers-crushers, ginners and farmers) and Cotton Incorporated (comprised of cotton farmers and textile importers) and more than 90 regional cotton organizations continue to refine and increase activities in sustainability standards and assurance. The NCC officially announced a pilot project of the U.S. Cotton Sustainability Trust Protocol to be done in 2019 with full implementation in 2020. The protocol assures best environmental practices and social standards are met including soil conservation, soil health, nutrient plans, integrated pest management, water use and quality, biodiversity, fiber quality traceability, harvesting and fair treatment of workers including wages, safety and health, prohibition of forced labor and child labor. Independent third party assurance is a required essential component.