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Chemical management trainings as of 2020

A corporate responsibility: reducing the use of hazardous chemicals on the production site and preventing risks.

As of January 2020, the Textiles Partnership's Basic and Advanced Training Programmes will be offered to factories with wet processes in various production countries. Systain will be responsible for the programme management and quality assurance and coordinate the training programmes for the Textiles Partnership and for interested partners.

The training programs enable companies to support their local production plants in establishing sustainable chemicals management and promoting the substitution of hazardous chemicals. This enables them to make a long-term contribution to reducing risks and promoting sustainable supply chains.

Companies can nominate their factories for the first run of the Advanced Trainings from now until the 31 January 2020 via advancedchemtraining@systain.com. The registration period for the Basic Trainings starts in January 2020.

You can find information about the Systain´s concept and the program of the trainings in our information package (DE and EN):

  1. Goals and opportunities of the trainings
  2. Systain Consulting GmbH: Presentation of the training concept     
  3. Goals and program of the Basic Trainings    
  4. Goals and program of the Advanced Trainings
  5. Impact Assessment and experience reports     
  6. Next steps (registration procedure)    
  7. Contact persons and direct links

To the Training Material.

For further information on financing and the programme, please visit the Website from Systain and in their training concept.

If you have any questions, please contact (Phone: +49 228 4460-3502; E-Mail: rahel.lemke@giz.de).

The contact person at Systain is Marie Oldopp (Tel.: +49 40 609 4618 22; E-Mail: marie.oldopp@systain.com)

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