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Main business:
Textile Agency- Apparel

Sales/fiscal year:
30000000 TL

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Our commitment to Sustainability:
At Cerescares, ‘sustainability’ is the core of our company culture. We aim to contribute to the sustainable and healthy life style with being respectful to all living beings and nature. Our commitment to sustainability enables us to implement actions for decreasing our ecological footprint, improving our ethical standards by CSR activities, aiming for a transparent supply chain and meeting the highest operational standards. We perform inhouse CSR audits to protect the health and safety of the workers in our supply chain. We look for solutions to improve energy efficiency and choose environmentally friendly fibers from reliable sources and non-hazardous chemicals in our processes.


Cerescares was founded in 2012 as a global textile supplier by and around an expert team with a combined experience of over 25 years in the industry. With a vision of continuous development, we aim to provide premium service and to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. Combining fast and trendsetter design options with a sustainable approach at all levels of operation, Cerescares embraces a new, ethically responsible way of professionalism that benefits its customers, shareholders and most importantly, the whole planet.
Inspired by the Roman goddess of nature, Ceres cares about the sustainability of nature and considers every “green” product as a new beginning, a new life or rebirth.


CSR Profile

We improve our supply chain to implement positive environmental and social benefits by decreasing our ecological footprint and improving the working conditions. Collaborating with our customers and our suppliers we aim to influence change to receive the ultimate goal of Creating Ethical Rights and Environmental Sustainability.



Better Cotton Platform, Social and Labour Convergence Program




Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

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