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Deadline and volume targets adopted

On 28 September 2017, the Steering Committee decided that there will be three types of Roadmap targets in the future: Binding targets that must be pursued by all members at a given point in time. Recommended targets that should be pursued by all members. Voluntary targets based on the content and structure of the question […]

Report from the strategic meeting: More focus, more efficiency, more internationalisation

The Steering Committee met at a strategic meeting on 22 and 23 November 2017. After a brief look back at what had already been accomplished, the focus was on decisions about the next phase of the Partnership. Thanks to the lessons learned in the first round of the Roadmap process, the process was improved and […]

2018 reporting period

Roadmap creation from 2 January 2018 to 30 April 2018 As already communicated in the members area, TexPerT was made accessible later than anticipated because the adoption of the deadline and volume targets was postponed until 2 January 2018. TexPerT will remain accessible for the creation of Roadmaps in the coming year until 30 April […]


New structure for the Members area The A-Z search can now be found in the horizontal menu bar. Here you will find the most important information, arranged by keywords. This will make navigation easier and help you to find the folder and documents you are searching for more quickly. English speaking users can now find […]


Around 150 participants gathered in Berlin on 11 October 2017. The Members’ Meeting began with some welcoming remarks by Dr Felmberg. In his address, he underlined the successes of the Partnership and highlighted the milestones that have already been achieved, despite the challenges faced. On the basis of the annual report for 2016-2017, the Partnership […]


Question grid The lessons learned in creating roadmaps have been incorporated into an extensive review process. The Review Process Working Group, specialist working groups and the Partnership Secretariat have joined forces to review the question grid. Following an additional set of corrections by the Steering Committee, the body adopted the question grid for the 2018 […]


Seed propagation for sustainable cotton growing – Central Asia The availability of cotton seeds and the risk of contamination are major challenges to sustainable cotton growing. Non-GMO seeds for certified organic and Fairtrade farmers is not only scarce but often much more expensive too. Moreover, purchased seeds need to be tested regularly to check that […]