At a Glance – The worldwide Commitment of our Members


At a Glance – The worldwide Commitment of our Members

Worldwide there are more than 60 million people working in the textile and clothing sector.

The members and cooperation partners of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles are committed to achieving social, ecological, and economic improvements throughout the entire textile supply chain.

Our interactive world map provides you a detailed insight into this dedication. Beside information about every single initiative, you will find details about every relevant country.

About 40 initiatives of our members and the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) regarding the textile and garment sector are located in the respective country on our world map. The currently ongoing Partnership Initiatives, cooperatively planned and implemented by our members, are also visualised on the word map.

The initiators give an overview of their general project information and provide detailed information on the objectives and achievements of their engagement.

The interactive “Textiles Partnership world map” ensures a detailed overview of the different fields of action in the global textile production. They involve measures like a sustainable environmental management in the cotton production countries as well as projects for the improvement of the social standards in sewing factories and spinning mills.

Read on link  and learn more about the wide-ranging involvement of the different actor groups of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles and about the different production countries in the textile and clothing industry.

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