Working Meeting

Just like a weekly market with many different and colourful market booths, this virtual marketplace also offers a space where we can meet, inform and exchange ideas. But also those who would like to "just have a look" are cordially invited.

Bei diesem virtuellen Marktplatz haben Sie die Möglichkeit, die verschiedenen Marktstände zu besuchen und sich über die einzelnen Initiativen und Projekte zu informieren. Am Tag des Arbeitstreffens standen die jeweiligen Ansprechpersonen für Fragen zur Verfügung.

"Grüner Knopf" is a state label for sustainably produced textiles. It sets binding requirements to protect people and the environment.

Women in particular are affected by the effects of the COVID 19 crisis. CARE is committed to protecting women workers and their rights, especially during the crisis.

HERrespect: a programme to promote gender equality and combat violence against women in global supply chains.

On-site commitment: The Textiles Partnership´s project database was relaunched. You are invited to present your projects!

The initiative aims to systematically improve working conditions in the textile industry in Tamil Nadu in southern India.

"If climate change is a shark, water will be its teeth." Water Stewardship is a concept for identifying and reducing water risks.

Trainings for textile factories to improve their chemical input and usage by individual guidance and workshops for sustainable production