2018 reporting period

Roadmap creation from 2 January 2018 to 30 April 2018

As already communicated in the members area, TexPerT was made accessible later than anticipated because the adoption of the deadline and volume targets was postponed until 2 January 2018. TexPerT will remain accessible for the creation of Roadmaps in the coming year until 30 April 2018. In subsequent years, the reporting period will always start on 2 January and end on 31 March of each year.

As in the past year, the Partnership Secretariat will offer guidelines and webinars on how to create a Roadmap. The guidelines as well as webinar dates will be announced in the members area. You can also direct your questions to review@textilbuendnis.com.

The question grid (also broken down by stakeholder groups) can be found here.